It Will Eat The World

His mind phased into those

Of root and flower

The spine came undone


Shrieking static transmissions

Exploding into a symphony of blood


Hot and stagnant and too fast

Contradicting itself


Amplify the sound


It will eat the world


Just Some Random Thoughts While Craving French Fries So Bad

My foot fell asleep like an hour ago, and I’m supposed to go grab a snack with my friends in 15 minutes, or so. I would really kill for some french fries right now, but I can’t seem to get out of bed at the moment, maybe I will later. Hanging out with my friends has been difficult lately; I can’t seem to carry out the motion between a straight face and a smile convincingly, and my friends are the type of people who love to laugh and nothing else. I’ve only seen one of my friends cry and I think she just did it because I was doing it and she wanted to know what it felt like. It doesn’t even matter because all she does now is put pamphlets for her parent’s something business on the doors of people she doesn’t even know. I wish she’d tell me about how she looks in their windows, and how she can see families eating dinner together, and how she wonders if they actually love each other or if they just pretend to. But instead she just laughs about how this old lady is always out pulling weeds in her yard and isn’t it so silly that this woman doesn’t have anything else to do so she just tries to perfect this lawn when it doesn’t even matter because no one is going to walk up it besides this girl who just makes fun of her to another girl who just laughs and then cries about it later when she’s craving french fries and can’t get out of bed.

Outro – Clipping

This song makes me feel like I’m bleeding. Lured into a state of pure anxiety by the facade of a silly song that just repeats the words “get money” over and over again. Every time I listen to the outro on the album Midcity by Clipping, I feel like I’m having a panic attack or a stroke. I’m sitting, listening to the words “get money” metamorphosize into some sort of alien-produced sound. I’m trying to find the words that I’ve lost somewhere along the ride of this monster of a song; this is like trying to untangle a slinky after you’ve sent it flying down your staircase. It’s impossible to get it back to what it once was. The twenty seconds of silence at the end expect you to reflect on the vicious glory of this song, but you’ve been sent flat on your back, looking up at your ceiling and trying to make stars out of the blobs of paint covering it.  


I          want         some of    your         leisure time

        I want to            take    a         //break      with me

spend            some time           chasing    cars         and

sighing         into                   dusty lights       and

            watching           while

the            whole world         is           waking up and

      everyone       is                 happy

I’m Just Desperately Trying to Shove Every Snarling Memory Into This Empty Attic of Mine

Like the summer where me and Clarisse made the grossest food and made up songs while cooking and how I don’t see her anymore since her parents decided it was time to grow up and they kidnapped her into a flooded house and made her fall so in love with drowning that she decided she wanted to do it forever. And I’m not going to blame her parents for naming her after a horror movie protagonist but I can’t say I never thought it was part of the reason her eyes were filled with wasps and her touch made me shy away because I knew there was no way we’d both end up okay. And I listened to her loud-in-not-a-good-way music and pretended I liked it so hard. But I’m tired of pretending that I don’t want to pull out my hair at the fact that I only have one picture of her and that I had to grow up a moment too soon because she was the only one who’d be a child with me. And that I don’t want to implode into a symphony of static when I hear her name and remember how she melted into a pool of jelly and how she let it happen and how she liked it.

Titled as Such:

I feel all wrong

I want to be a whale

all big and sometimes blue

and full of YOU ARE GOODs

I want someone to crawl in my arteries

like you can with whales

and tell me I’m good

I want to stop saying “someone”

When I know goddamn well I mean


I want to kill the bees in my eyes

be strictly aquatic

wanna force some life on u




A monster glitched into my body

along with blue lightning tied up

with a string

it gnashed through the tissue of



right in front of me

now it lives in my intestines

it pulls me up by the hair,

smacks me around,

spits in my face,

and leaves me gasping for breath before

imploding into a symphony of static

Free Pizza

We are so 5th grade pizza party

rubber band gunshot giggling

we can walkie-talk all night

or we can use red cups on a string

whatever to keep you

throwing stupid jokes at me

stumbling over little nicknames

I wanna kiss your neck

can I kiss your neck?

Please check yes or no

and tell me

am I noticing things too closely

or do you say “I love you”

by gnashing at my shoulder


I love you Human Disaster

& I wanna throw 3:00 A.M. IHOP pick-up lines at you

I wanna blast that shit, boom box amplified from the top

of our favorite dumpy public park

& I wanna talk about Childish Gambino

wanna turn that motherfuck up loud

wanna pick up your vibrations

& ride them all the way to Port Aransas