Titled as Such:

I feel all wrong

I want to be a whale

all big and sometimes blue

and full of YOU ARE GOODs

I want someone to crawl in my arteries

like you can with whales

and tell me I’m good

I want to stop saying “someone”

When I know goddamn well I mean


I want to kill the bees in my eyes

be strictly aquatic

wanna force some life on u





A monster glitched into my body

along with blue lightning tied up

with a string

it gnashed through the tissue of



right in front of me

now it lives in my intestines

it pulls me up by the hair,

smacks me around,

spits in my face,

and leaves me gasping for breath before

imploding into a symphony of static

Free Pizza

We are so 5th grade pizza party

rubber band gunshot giggling

we can walkie-talk all night

or we can use red cups on a string

whatever to keep you

throwing stupid jokes at me

stumbling over little nicknames

I wanna kiss your neck

can I kiss your neck?

Please check yes or no

and tell me

am I noticing things too closely

or do you say “I love you”

by gnashing at my shoulder


I love you Human Disaster

& I wanna throw 3:00 A.M. IHOP pick-up lines at you

I wanna blast that shit, boom box amplified from the top

of our favorite dumpy public park

& I wanna talk about Childish Gambino

wanna turn that motherfuck up loud

wanna pick up your vibrations

& ride them all the way to Port Aransas

Brown Dog

Yr the only person who

can talk to me about

de la soul & nintendo

in the same breath

I love to watch

you get carried away

yr excitement is so bumblebee

& you are so Atlanta

in the most obvious way

& I am so happy

in my strange inflated heart