Just Some Random Thoughts While Craving French Fries So Bad

My foot fell asleep like an hour ago, and I’m supposed to go grab a snack with my friends in 15 minutes, or so. I would really kill for some french fries right now, but I can’t seem to get out of bed at the moment, maybe I will later. Hanging out with my friends has been difficult lately; I can’t seem to carry out the motion between a straight face and a smile convincingly, and my friends are the type of people who love to laugh and nothing else. I’ve only seen one of my friends cry and I think she just did it because I was doing it and she wanted to know what it felt like. It doesn’t even matter because all she does now is put pamphlets for her parent’s something business on the doors of people she doesn’t even know. I wish she’d tell me about how she looks in their windows, and how she can see families eating dinner together, and how she wonders if they actually love each other or if they just pretend to. But instead she just laughs about how this old lady is always out pulling weeds in her yard and isn’t it so silly that this woman doesn’t have anything else to do so she just tries to perfect this lawn when it doesn’t even matter because no one is going to walk up it besides this girl who just makes fun of her to another girl who just laughs and then cries about it later when she’s craving french fries and can’t get out of bed.