I love you Human Disaster

& I wanna throw 3:00 A.M. IHOP pick-up lines at you

I wanna blast that shit, boom box amplified from the top

of our favorite dumpy public park

& I wanna talk about Childish Gambino

wanna turn that motherfuck up loud

wanna pick up your vibrations

& ride them all the way to Port Aransas


Brown Dog

Yr the only person who

can talk to me about

de la soul & nintendo

in the same breath

I love to watch

you get carried away

yr excitement is so bumblebee

& you are so Atlanta

in the most obvious way

& I am so happy

in my strange inflated heart


We are lax sipping Sunny D on a sunday

& your attitude is blacktop tetherball

so crisp refrigerated bites in the AM

my heart on you

is icebox feedback

is jitterbug tin can rattling

& I’m afraid to be near you

cause I don’t want you to feel my pulse

all paddle-ball pounding against my ribs

& call it saccharine it Crowded House

& I wish we grew up together

cause I want so very very very much

for your favorite motown song

to be the same as mine